Fitness & New Beginnings

FitnessSo I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet and join a gym. After complaining for the past year about the weight I’ve piled on, I thought it was time to finally get set into a new routine. Not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change this time.

I’ve joined gyms in the past, yet after 3 months, I end up going less and less, and then quitting. What I realised was, that I was in it for the wrong reasons. Each time all I wanted was some quick fix that was going to change my life and lose the weight I wanted, so I could go back to doing the same old routine again.

So finally, maybe with a bit more insight and maturity, I realised it shouldn’t be about the weight, I needed to focus on how I felt. (Also, thanks to Kate Caddle, my life coach, who reinforced this idea and helped me to set my goals).

How do I want to feel? Healthy, light, energised, positive, proud.

And what do I need to do in order to achieve that? Sort out my eating and regular exercising. Discipline, discipline, discipline!

But in order to achieve those goals it’s both exercise AND diet.

So I have signed up with Isagenix to sort my eating out. They have a range of products available to aide in all sorts. But for me personally I’m in it for the convenience and weight loss.

I tried it out and loved the taste, so I thought why not, what have I got to lose!?

On the weight loss program I have a shake for breakfast, healthy morning tea and lunch and a shake for dinner, and then every 7th day I do a cleanse – however I’m pretty slack on this part (where’s that discipline right?)

I’m not too strict about the shake at night, sometimes you just feel like a nice hot meal, so I’ll do that as well. This is more like the maintenance program – which I’ve noticed has worked.

So back to the exercise – I signed up to a 12 month contract and have got into it. It’s only been a week now but I’m feeling great. I’m trying not to put too much pressure on myself or set unachievable goals. I’m just taking it step by step which is helping me to stay motivated.

I’m meeting with a personal trainer this coming week to set up a program which is going to help me to achieve my goals & I’m  feeling excited to get into it!

Being in my late 20s now I thought if I don’t get into some sort of routine now, it was never going to happen. So yay for changes and exciting things to come 🙂


Comment below if you have any great tips, when it comes to sticking to your goals and staying motivated.


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