With the opening of the new Queen Street Mecca Maxima, I was dying to head on in and check out all the new brands they had to offer. The store on Queen Street was beautiful and my plan of going in early when they opened worked perfectly as I was in and out before the mayhem even started.

Mecca Maxima offer a range of brands such as Stila, Nars, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Kevyn Aucoin and more. It was great to see different brands stocked that we don´t tend to have easy access to, here in New Zealand.

I was on the hunt for some products as I´ve decided I´ll be doing my own hair and makeup for my wedding. This was a tough decision, but with budgeting, we had to try and cut costs where we could. Plus I´m capable of doing it myself, so it made sense!

The staff were very lovely and helpful during the entire time I was there. I even got 2 little samples of some products to try, that I was unsure of. I love this, because it is not often that we get to sample products here in NZ. This way, I could test out the product, without committing to an entire bottle full of it. I think we have all been in that situation during one time or another, where we are stuck with a product that didn´t work for us.

After trying out a few different brands of makeup, I found the Kevyn Aucoin range. I´ve heard of a few of their products so decided to test them out myself. Mecca Maxima don´t stock the full range, however they had a decent amount there.

The Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation

As soon as I tested this out on my hand in store, I knew I had to have it. The foundation was SO stunning and glowing. It offers a light to medium buildable coverage and of course a killer glow to the skin. I love how light it is, so you don´t feel like you are wearing makeup. The foundation also mixes in well with the other products I purchased, so I can change up the consistency and coverage if I need to. At the moment I´m working out which combinations work the best for me, so I can figure out what to wear on my special day. I´ve also mixed this with my Becca Ultimate Coverage Foundation, which is very thick and matte. It sheers it out and whilst still giving me full coverage, adds the glow from within look as well.

The Sensual Skin Enhancer

I feel as though this product is one of Kevyn Aucoin´s cult products. I have watched many YouTube videos where people rave about this multi-purpose concealer. I found the colour selection really great and there is something for everyone. I chose my shade SX01 as I am very pale and thought it would also double up as an under eye brightening concealer. The great this about this product is that you can mix it with anything and create your own little concoction. I´ve tried it mixed in with the Etherealist Skin Illuminating Foundation and Celestial Skin Liquid Lightning. I´ve also tried it out on it´s own as a concealer. Each time, it has worked well as it covers up any imperfections and adds extra coverage where you need it.

The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting

I chose the colour Sunlight in this liquid illuminator as I thought it would add a stunning golden glow, especially in summer or with a tan. As soon as I swatched this in the store, I knew I had to have it. A little goes a very long way, it is great as an all over illuminator to give you a bronzy glow, or mixed in with your foundation. At the moment I am a bit too pale, so I mix it in with my foundation. It is also beautiful when dabbed on the cheekbones as a highlight.

The Angled Foundation Brush

SPLURGE item! I wasn´t so sure about purchasing this brush but it felt so amazing I thought, why the heck not! It is super luxurious to use, so if you love brushes, definitely check out the range. I selected the angled foundation brush as I thought it would be great to use as a contour brush as well. The brush is very soft and buffs the makeup into the skin beautifully.

The Neo Highlighter

I picked up the Neo Highlighter in the shade Sahara. It has a beautiful ombre effect from a muted rose to pearl. The highlighter is very finely milled and creates a gorgeous glowy sheen on the skin. I loved how effortless it looked. I dust this on the high points of my face for an all over glow. It also doubles up as a luminous blush when I dip my brush into the darker end of the palette. Another added bonus is that for $94 you get 21g of product, in comparison with their $70 Celestial Highlighters which are only 3g of product.

I also picked up the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray and as an added bonus was lucky enough to get my Beauty Loop gift with a Mecca Cosmetica Primer and Setting Spray (BONUS). Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and the products Mecca Maxima had to offer. I´ll definitely be back in the future, but maybe only once my bank account has recovered.


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