I’ve always struggled with keeping motivated. I find I quickly become disheartened when things don’t quite pan out the way I expect, or don’t come as easy as I want. This is something that I’ve had to work on a lot over the years, to try and push myself to complete things I’ve set my mind to.

At the moment I’m feeling pretty unmotivated to write a blog post, hence the chosen topic of today. I know in order to keep momentum going I need to ensure I am writing regularly however, I’m unwell, and the thought of trying to edit the photos I have, and get my post prepped is extremely draining. I’m also not the type to post something for the sake of it, my heart needs to be truly in it.

In today’s society it seems as if everyone is achieving one aspect or another, of their dream. It’s a fight to the top and most people are participating. If you aren’t someone who is innately driven or motivated, it can be pretty hard to keep on track. With the way social media is going, we are also constantly comparing ourselves to one another, and it is hard to stay true to ourselves, as we aim to be like “that girl” on Instagram or in the magazines.

I was talking to a friend the other day about how I had this idea about a potential career change. It would slot in with my background skills and be easy enough. It was something I would find exciting and challenging, however I know I would also be good at it. The only thing that was stopping me, is that a lot of people have recently had the same idea, and therefore the competition is pretty large out there. A mutual acquaintance had just launched their new business – it was pretty similar to what I had just been discussing with my friend. Immediately my little dream was crushed, “I can’t do that now” I thought to myself. I opened up to a friend who said “Why not? Just do you, who cares about other people, no one owns the idea “. She was right, I was being silly by thinking, “Well if someone I know is doing it, I can’t do it too.” If we don’t chase our dreams, no one else is going to.

At the moment that idea is on the back burner, as I begin to establish some other areas I’m trying to focus on. It’s great to have those positive influences in your life, so you can get that self doubt out your head at times.

As I mentioned before, I tend to push myself to do things, I don’t always want to do. I’m generally a pretty self aware and self regulated person (although I can be hard on myself), so I talk myself into doing things, I know I really should get done. Whether that involves my every day job, catching up with people, completing tasks and chores, or meeting deadlines, I’m constantly telling myself I need to get it done. The way I do this, is by setting small goals.

By breaking up your end goal, into smaller steps, they seem a lot more tangible and easier to achieve. This is something I learnt by speaking to an amazing life coach Kate Caddle. At the time, I was setting these small goals for things I really didn’t want to do, but for some reason, I wasn’t setting them for the dreams I wanted to make happen. Kate explained that I needed to stop being “afraid” and take a risk, otherwise I would never know what I could achieve. Essentially I would always be sitting there hoping and dreaming, instead of making things happen.

I’ve found recently that I’ve been retreating back to the old me. Setting mini goals for things I don’t enjoy, but have to complete. While I worked with Kate, she based my top 3 goals, on how I wanted to feel. For example instead of  “I want to lose weight and be skinny”, I would set my goal as “I want to feel light and healthy”. I haven’t seen or spoken to Kate in months, however her way of creating goals has stuck with me, and I’m continuing to work on it, even if I do get side tracked at times.

In regards to the current goals I would like to achieve, I have broken them up into a number of “actions”, that I will take, to achieve them. By setting these mini actions, along with time frames, I become 1 step closer to my goal each time.

I hope this blog post helped some of you, who are feeling a bit unmotivated lately. Although I set out writing this post about how I was currently feeling, it also reminded me of the skills I know, and need to continue to apply to my life, in order to stay motivated.

If you’re after some inspirational websites, check out Kate Caddle and Melissa Ambrosini. Melissa also has an excellent book called “Mastering Your Mean Girl”.


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