Since my last skin care post, my routine has changed up quite a bit. I sadly found that my skin began to react to the products I was using, and in turn, the break outs were continuing. 

I decided something had to change, as I was spending so much money without the desired result. 

After walking into the Skin Boutique in Browns Bay, I got talking to one of the staff there, about my skin. She explained that because I was using multiple products all with AHA’s in them, I was actually over stimulating my skin and it was causing me to continue breaking out. My skin was producing more oil because it was being exfoliated so much. 

Falan introduced me to Ultraceuticals. Although Skin Boutique also stocks the products I was using, she explained that for my skin type and concerns, that these products could be more beneficial. 

Falan was extremely knowledgable about Ultraceuticals as a brand and product, she was able to explain why exactly, they are her favourite skincare brand to use and I was convinced. 

We booked in a skin consultation the next week, where she looked at my skin a bit closer and organised a new regime for me, that was a lot simpler. 

After 2 weeks I began to notice a difference and now 3 months later, after consistently using their products and receiving monthly Environ skin peels, I’ve noticed a drastic difference (plus it helped that I stopped picking so much). Although my new skincare regime still includes products with AHA’s, it is not like before where EVERY single product basically contained it. 

Finally my skin has begun to clear up, I get the odd spot here and there, and still have a little congestion, but it is no way near as bad as it used to be. I’m so glad that when I wear makeup I’m not having to pack it on to try and conceal a ridiculous amount of breakouts and scarring. 

For the first 3 months, my regime included:

Ultraceuticals: Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser

I thoroughly enjoy using this cleaner as it’s light and silky, whilst still cleaning deep into the pores. My skin does not feel dry or tight after cleansing, instead it is left feeling soft and clean.

I still continue to use my trusty Environ Pre-cleanse, and I follow up with 1 pump of the Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser, both morning and night.

Ultraceuticals: Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion

I absolutely love this product, and believe it truly contributed to decongesting my skin. This treatment helps to minimise breakouts and also prevent them from occurring. I noticed my skin started to look a lot less angry, and everything began to calm down. At first there were some breakouts, however I was informed this may occur, in order to let the congestion surface and come out of the skin.

I would use 1 pump of this product after cleansing, all over the face, and follow up with my moisturiser. I only use once a day, before bed.

Ultraceuticals: Ultra Moisturiser Cream

This moisturiser is just a great neutral all rounder. It is extremely nourishing, without being too heavy and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. I was applying both morning and night, however have switched to applying it only at night after my Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion, to keep my skin nourished and hydrated.

Ultraceuticals: Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30 Hydrating

I added this product into my routine about a month into the change. I was a bit concerned about breaking out from the SPF, as I had always heard horror stories. It can be especially daunting when you are buying a full sized product and spending a decent amount of money, if it does not work for you. After my facial treatments, Falan would often use this afterwards, so I figured it would be fine. I had never used an SPF before, and always just relied on the SPF in my makeup products.

I’ve really enjoyed using this, as it is a fantastic lightweight moisturiser. I use 1 pump each morning after cleansing, and it continues to leave my skin moisturised the whole day. I also love the light citrus scent in the morning, as it is very refreshing.

New products I’ve recently added into my routine:

Ultraceuticals: Ultra A Perfecting Serum Mild

After I had begun to run out of my Ultra Clear Solution Treatment, Falan introduced me to this mild Vitamin A based serum. I’ve been using it for the past 5 weeks now, and again I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I had found my skin had got to quite a good place, although it needed a little boost. We started my skincare regime out quite mild, as we wanted to build up my tolerance to some stronger products slowly. Personally I have found Vitamin A products the best on my skin, especially after being on Roaccutane a few years ago. Another benefit of Vitamin A based products, is that they not only help with breakouts, but also help to minimise fine lines and prevent ageing.

I’ve been using 1 pump of the Ultra A Perfecting Serum Mild, each morning and night after cleansing, followed by either my SPF or moisturiser. Like the previous product, I noticed my skin became decongested further, with my pore size and texture improving. My under eye area also looks a lot more supple and some pesky fine lines that were appearing are slowly fading away. I especially like how gentle, yet active these products are. You get the results without them being too harsh on the skin.

Ultraceuticals: Even Skintone Serum Mild

I am yet to try this product, as it is the newest to my collection but it will also be replacing the Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion. Falan recommended it because of its ability to exfoliate the skin, whilst fading any scarring I have. This will continue to improve skin texture and clarity, and is one step up from the previous product I was using.

I’m excited to continue to see the change in my skin, it has taken a very long time but it seems I’ve finally found something that works properly. I’m no longer getting angry looking congestion all over my forehead or cheeks. Instead I’ve got the odd spot here and there, and am continuing to repair some of the scarring that has been left after my picking sessions!

I highly recommend Ultraceuticals products. If you’re local to Browns Bay, go visit the girls at Skin Boutique. They are extremely knowledgable, genuine and welcoming.


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