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Looking back, it’s quite interesting how much my taste has changed, since first beginning to look at different wedding themes. And I am so glad for it. 

I think choosing a wedding venue can be quite stressful. Especially in today’s society if you’re living in Auckland. Housing prices are at an all time high so you need to prioritise your money pretty well. I’m definitely no expert, but I can see the strain between having your perfect venue, and being able to afford to live. 

As mentioned in my Wedding Series One | Engagement Ring post, I suggested creating screenshots of ideas and a separate album on your phone, to collect ideas. Do this with your wedding venue too, as you again will see an overall pattern of the theme you’re after.

After a few weeks of being engaged, I had booked my wedding venue and date. Because I knew the time was coming, I was quite organised and prepared. It is important to have what you want in mind, as many venues get booked up 12-18months in advance. I think it’s also important to be quite flexible, especially if you’re set on a particular venue. 

The best thing I found was searching wedding venues online, but also searching venues that had been tagged on Instagram through posts I had liked. This gave me an idea about what our professional photos could look like as well. 

I emailed a number of venues to get quotes of their pricing, and this really helped to give me an idea of what I could and couldn’t afford. I was quite realistic and knew that my dream venue would be way out of reach, so had searched for an alternative that had a similar style and feel. 

Thankfully the alternative was actually the most affordable and so all we needed to do was visit in person, to confirm our ideas. The whole process was very quick for us, as we knew what we wanted. After visiting, we looked at the dates they had available and they matched with what we were wanting. We fell in love with the structure of the venue and features they had. I could envision the overall look and they were very accommodating about hiring items, from outside vendors. 

If you’re not too sure of what you want, it might pay to arrange appointments at a number of venues. That way you are also able to compare, based on value for money and what they are able to offer you. 

I would also suggest writing a number of questions down to ask, ensure that these aren’t already answered on their website though. I found this was very helpful so we could clarify anything we needed to. 

Definitely do your research and don’t feel like you have to rush into anything. There are always options and you could always have a midweek wedding as opposed to a weekend, if necessary. Some venues offer this at a much more affordable rate, so it can be a way of cutting costs. Off-peak weddings are usually discounted too, as these are the venues quieter times. Enquire about these so you can weigh up your options wisely. 


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