My Food Bag Meal | Honey Soy Turkey Wraps with Japanese Slaw

Now that I’m engaged and have a wedding to prep for, I have even more reason to get my butt into gear and lose that pesky weight that’s been bothering me. 

I’ve decided to try and make some small changes to start with, and hopefully I’ll gradually start to break those bad habits. 


I already drink 2L a day but I want to try and up this to 3L and keep more hydrated. 


At the moment I sleep around 7-8hrs a night. However I know I function much better on 9hrs. Studies have proven that our bodies need sleep to recover and regenerate. It’s important to get enough sleep as this will also aide in weight loss and help with stress management. 


Slowly but surely I’ve begun to cut down my portions. I’m not perfect but I’m getting there. When I was smaller I noticed I ate small portions every 3-4hrs a day. This has been known to speed up your metabolism and help you to burn fat more efficiently, but of course what you’re eating contributes to this as well. I found I was eating larger portions and sometimes going in for seconds. Not a good habit to have! 


Linking into the previous point, I’m re-training myself to stop eating when I’m satisfied apposed to when I’m so full I want to be sick. For some reason I got into this major habit of food FOMO. I had to have everything and lots of it. So I began to eat far too much at every meal, so much that I felt physically ill. This would sometimes last till the next day. I’ve stopped doing this now and have become more aware of what I’m doing. Sometimes you need to question yourself “Do I really need this?” 


Choosing healthier options to eat is going to be a biggie when wanting to lose weight. I’ve started to say to myself “Does this nourish my body in any way?”. Now I’m no expert, and as I mentioned before I’m not perfect. But I figured if I get into the habit of this and made it more about whether something was good for my body and nourishment etc, that it was more of a positive mindset as opposed to “This will make me fat”. Since reading Dr Libby’s Women’s Wellness Wisdom, I’ve also started to try and think about how certain foods put stress and strain on our organs. I want to be kinder to my body, so I’m starting to second guess eating that cake or biscuit. Do I need it or do I just want it because I’m stressed out etc. 

So these are just a few things I’m beginning to implement in my life again. I think when I was smaller it seemed to just click for me and I didn’t really have to think about it. So I’m hoping to restart that kind of mindset again. I want to be able to look back, and feel positive and confident about the choices I made.


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