At the end of January I got engaged. So I decided since I have this blog, why not start a mini wedding series, discussing the events along the way. 

I thought I would start off with the engagement process and our experience. 

I had been looking at engagement rings for a long time, and I mean a LONG TIME. Whenever I saw a picture on Instagram or on a website, I screenshot the image and saved it. I suggest doing this and making an album for it on your phone. This way when you go to have a look you’ll begin to see a pattern, of the different styles you prefer. 

Once you’ve got an idea or few, of what you want, it’s time to try on some rings. This is the part I found most difficult, as I only wear yellow gold and found most engagement rings were white gold. Depending on the style, it was a bit hard to envision what the ring would look like, in yellow gold, but I persevered! 

When trying rings on, you need to know what you want, but at the same time be a little open to suggestion. What you want might not always be the best choice or it might just not be available within your budget. These are all things to keep in mind. 

Once I tried on a few different styles, I ensured I took pictures, so I could reflect back on the ring. Over time my preferences did change, this is something that happens with age and trends. During this time, I continued to follow a range of designers, so I was constantly updated on their designs. It was during this, in which a particular design popped up, that hadn’t even been on my radar. I decided to drag my other half along with me, and go try rings on at this designers store. 

I can’t recommend Naveya and Sloane enough. From the get go, the communication and experience was amazing, they are definitely a brand I would work with again. 



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