Image sourced from Merci Bouquet (Instagram)


FLOWERS! The amount of options that are out there at the moment are phenomenal. I love so many different themes, colours and trends of flowers, however I have done some serious research and managed to narrow my options right down.

I personally found it was so easy to get carried away when looking at potential flowers for the wedding. Each different style can take your overall theme in a totally different direction. Sometimes I feel like I should just help all my friends plan their weddings, so I can live vicariously through the range of themes they decide upon.

I think because I had an overall picture of what I wanted for the wedding, I was able to decide pretty quickly that I would go for a neutral palette when it came to flowers. Something that is very “in” at the moment is a lot of texture, the “wild flower” look, large bouquets, cascading centrepieces and a lot of greenery. This is exactly what I decided to go for.

I think it is important to save pictures of flowers that catch your eye. What I noticed by doing this, is that when I went back to have a look through my photos, that there was a common theme. I realised I was screen shotting images that included a pop of burgundy or plum throughout the bouquets. They also had a lot of thistles and berries, which I thought was really pretty.

After this I contacted a number of florists I followed on Instagram. It is pretty vital that you are confident in the person you choose to arrange your flowers, as it is not like they can necessarily carry out a trial for you. I had 3 florists I was interested in as they had been featured in a number of magazines and editorials. These florists all fit within the theme I was after, which I feel is quite important. There is no use contacting someone who creates for example, perfect posy looking florals, if you are after something more wild and unstructured.

I was quite thorough when emailing my potential florists by including pictures, dimensions for certain things and an outline of what I would need. All 3 were amazing at getting back to me and sending me a rough quote. For my own peace of mind I also organised to meet with them to discuss further in person. This is something I could not recommend more. It is so important to meet a majority of your vendors as you need to get a feel for them as a person, and see whether or not you have complete confidence in them to carry out their job.

Once meeting with my florist we discussed in depth the flowers that would be available during the season, went over different looks I was after and I asked for her advice, after all she is the professional! I felt so confident that my florist understood what I was after. She was able to show me images that she thought I would be interested in and give me her personal opinion about whether or not what I wanted, would tie in with the overall theme.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my experience and some of these tips are useful, for when you plan your own wedding.