While everyone has a different idea about what they want to wear to their engagement, I’ve complied a selection of outfits I though would inspire some of you. 

Remember, you don’t always have to buy an outfit. These days there are a number of sites that offer rental, so it’s a great alternative, especially if you’re saving for that special day.

Rental websites: Designer Wardrobe, Lend the Label & Oh Rent Me have some great options.

Seed Heritage $249

 Alice McCall $225

Kookai $260

Kookai $160

Kookai $180

Sabo Skirt $68


My Food Bag Meal | Honey Soy Turkey Wraps with Japanese Slaw

Now that I’m engaged and have a wedding to prep for, I have even more reason to get my butt into gear and lose that pesky weight that’s been bothering me. 

I’ve decided to try and make some small changes to start with, and hopefully I’ll gradually start to break those bad habits. 


I already drink 2L a day but I want to try and up this to 3L and keep more hydrated. 


At the moment I sleep around 7-8hrs a night. However I know I function much better on 9hrs. Studies have proven that our bodies need sleep to recover and regenerate. It’s important to get enough sleep as this will also aide in weight loss and help with stress management. 


Slowly but surely I’ve begun to cut down my portions. I’m not perfect but I’m getting there. When I was smaller I noticed I ate small portions every 3-4hrs a day. This has been known to speed up your metabolism and help you to burn fat more efficiently, but of course what you’re eating contributes to this as well. I found I was eating larger portions and sometimes going in for seconds. Not a good habit to have! 


Linking into the previous point, I’m re-training myself to stop eating when I’m satisfied apposed to when I’m so full I want to be sick. For some reason I got into this major habit of food FOMO. I had to have everything and lots of it. So I began to eat far too much at every meal, so much that I felt physically ill. This would sometimes last till the next day. I’ve stopped doing this now and have become more aware of what I’m doing. Sometimes you need to question yourself “Do I really need this?” 


Choosing healthier options to eat is going to be a biggie when wanting to lose weight. I’ve started to say to myself “Does this nourish my body in any way?”. Now I’m no expert, and as I mentioned before I’m not perfect. But I figured if I get into the habit of this and made it more about whether something was good for my body and nourishment etc, that it was more of a positive mindset as opposed to “This will make me fat”. Since reading Dr Libby’s Women’s Wellness Wisdom, I’ve also started to try and think about how certain foods put stress and strain on our organs. I want to be kinder to my body, so I’m starting to second guess eating that cake or biscuit. Do I need it or do I just want it because I’m stressed out etc. 

So these are just a few things I’m beginning to implement in my life again. I think when I was smaller it seemed to just click for me and I didn’t really have to think about it. So I’m hoping to restart that kind of mindset again. I want to be able to look back, and feel positive and confident about the choices I made.


At the end of January I got engaged. So I decided since I have this blog, why not start a mini wedding series, discussing the events along the way. 

I thought I would start off with the engagement process and our experience. 

I had been looking at engagement rings for a long time, and I mean a LONG TIME. Whenever I saw a picture on Instagram or on a website, I screenshot the image and saved it. I suggest doing this and making an album for it on your phone. This way when you go to have a look you’ll begin to see a pattern, of the different styles you prefer. 

Once you’ve got an idea or few, of what you want, it’s time to try on some rings. This is the part I found most difficult, as I only wear yellow gold and found most engagement rings were white gold. Depending on the style, it was a bit hard to envision what the ring would look like, in yellow gold, but I persevered! 

When trying rings on, you need to know what you want, but at the same time be a little open to suggestion. What you want might not always be the best choice or it might just not be available within your budget. These are all things to keep in mind. 

Once I tried on a few different styles, I ensured I took pictures, so I could reflect back on the ring. Over time my preferences did change, this is something that happens with age and trends. During this time, I continued to follow a range of designers, so I was constantly updated on their designs. It was during this, in which a particular design popped up, that hadn’t even been on my radar. I decided to drag my other half along with me, and go try rings on at this designers store. 

I can’t recommend Naveya and Sloane enough. From the get go, the communication and experience was amazing, they are definitely a brand I would work with again. 



This summer I’ve really come to enjoy a lot of the fashion. For me, I tend to go for a certain colour palette. My wardrobe seems to consist of only black, grey, white, navy, blue & maybe beige. I love these neutral tones though, I can’t help it!

So far I’ve picked up a few pieces that I’ve felt really put together in, and although simple, make fabulous outfits for the summer time.

In particular, I’ve been enjoying the Bardot style tops, that have been flooding every retail store for the past 12 months. I find these very flattering on almost everyone. A definite must have for your summer wardrobe. I picked my one up from Kookaï on their Boxing Day sale, so it was at a fantastic price!

High waisted shorts are another love of mine. Gone are the days of low hipsters that’s for sure. High waisted tailored shorts, give you a clean sophisticated look, without trying too hard. I find they pull together any outfit and make it look just that little bit more dressed up. The shorts I purchased are again from Kookaï on their Boxing Day sale, however this is a typical cut they do, in a range of colours and patterns. These shorts have a subtle textured detail, which adds a little something extra. Paired with the top, they’re they perfect little summer outfit.

In terms of shoes, I decided to include both flats and wedges. These denim slides from forever new, have been worn to death already. They are so versatile and go with every outfit of mine – guess it pays to have that neutral coloured wardrobe! I’ve worn these with the Kookai outfit above, as well as simple playsuits, for a more casual look. If you’re after something a bit more dressy, try a pair of heels or wedges. These wedges were purchased from Kookaï on their Boxing Day sale, although they have a range of new heels at the moment, that are just as amazing! These dress up any outfit and are surprisingly comfortable. I’m most definitely a wedges type of girl! 

I’m not really a dress kind of girl but I’ve been pushing myself to try and find some dresses that I can wear to work and during the weekend, that aren’t super casual. I found this maxi dress from witchery and fell in love with the soft and subtle tones they used, for the leopard print. The cut of this dress is very flattering with its elasticated waist and the fabric very light and flowy. The print also comes in a shorter dress style and top, if maxi dresses aren’t your thing. 

I couldn’t resist buying this beautiful Seed Heritage sweetheart dress, when I tried it on. To me, it’s the perfect dress for a girls lunch, engagement party, the races or even summer dinner. I feel so feminine and girly when I wear this dress. The nude underlay accentuates the amazing anglaise style lace. Oh, did I mention it comes with detachable straps as well? If you have an event to go to this summer, this dress is a must have.


Sunglasses. I’ve always been the type to envy those with the beautiful designer sunnies. So, I guess that’s why these aviators from Quay Australia caught my attention. Designer look for an affordable price. It also means I won’t have a break down if something dared to happen to them, and they broke. These come in two different colours, I went for the black but they do also come in gold. These aviators just finish off any outfit. I absolutely love the oversized frame and mirrored lenses.