In April this year, I had the opportunity to visit San Francisco and New York City. I especially loved New York City and managed to see a bit more of it, so thought I would share my experience with you guys.

I was in New York City for roughly 5 days. We stayed at Hotel Wolcott, which is situated on W 31st Street, about a 2 minute walk from the Empire State Building. Soon after booking, I discovered the hotel was actually haunted, thankfully there were no spiritual experiences for me! It was a very unique building, but I think it just added to the whole trip really (plus it was affordable as NYC is RIDICULOUSLY expensive).

New York City can be described as rather dirty, disgusting and smelly. Ask anyone who has been there! While some of that may be true, don’t be disheartened. It is by far the best place I’ve been to, and I’ll definitely be returning again. The architecture, the buzz of the city, the cafes, are all so amazing – not to mention the shopping right?

Since I was staying so close to the Empire State Building, I kept to that area most of the time. It was hard not to, with shops like Sephora, Zara & Macy’s so close by. I actually spent about 2 whole days just shopping, and that was mainly in Macy’s. This department store was 8 stories high and the size of an entire block!

One day I ventured all the way to the Upper Eastside (for all you Gossip Girl lovers) and I couldn’t believe it. The wealth that these people have, is unbelievable. If I could, this is somewhere I would LOVE to live one day, but dreams are free right?

I was rather tired this day as I actually power walked about an hour from our hotel, up to the middle of Central Park. The stores were phenomenal, designer everything and beautiful boutique cafes. Tory Burch, Laduree and Central Park were the highlights of the day.

Central Park in particular, is stunning. The sheer size of it is so overwhelming, you could spend a couple of days here and still not see everything it has to offer. I went on a mini tour of the city and park and saw all the main attractions. The John Lennon memorial – Strawberry Fields, the lake where all the movies are shot, the famous Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and the Central Park Children’s Zoo. I would have liked to have seen so much more, but regrettably I was on a schedule.

I ended up going to SoHo one of the days as well, but unfortunately I didn’t exactly explore much. I was caught in the rain and trying to catch the subway to Ground Zero, so missed out on a bunch. This is one of my big regrets, as I’ve heard a lot about SoHo since going. The vibe of this place was so artsy, it reminded me a lot of Melbourne x1,000,000.

Sightseeing is definitely a must when in NYC. I was able to go up the Empire State Building, see the Statue of Liberty, have a tour of NYC and Central Park, visit Ground Zero, Times Square and even see a live Broadway show (Finding Neverland – it was amazing).

During this time, I even caught the subway multiple times on my own. I was so incredibly nervous and scared, but found if you just acted confident, no one bothered you at all. In fact, I even had people asking me for directions!

Next time I head to NYC, I’m going to ensure I have more time to see SoHo, The Meatpacking District, Brooklyn and this amazing outlet mall I missed out on. Before going on the trip I had planned all these things I would see and do, but found it was easier if you just go with the flow, as the days pass so quickly. It was better to just enjoy it and take it as it came.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my little experience in NYC, if you have any recommendations on your favourite go to places, comment below as I would love to hear them.




I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the Christmas season. Not only because I receive beautiful gifts, but because I get to buy them for others. 

I’ve put together a few things I’ve been given from family/friends or purchased myself this Christmas. Each item is under $100, so there are some great ideas for those last minute gifts. 

Storm and India Tea – Sienna Spice $40

Best tea ever!!! I am so glad I finally got my hands on this tea, not only for the taste but the glamorous packaging. This loose leaf tea is organic and comes in these beautifully crafted tins which also make for great decor in your kitchen. Sienna Spice is particularly appropriate for the Christmas season with its base of red bush tea & notes of orange and cinnamon it’s especially festive. Perfect for all tea lovers and those who need a little de-stressing in their life. 

Craft Union Rosé $21.95 

This stunning bottle caught my eye immediately. I was lucky enough to have received it from a beautiful friend this Christmas. If you’re a fan of Rosé this is one you’ll definitely have to try; with its notes of watermelon and strawberry it screams summer refreshment. If you’re not a fan of Rosé, Craft Union also has a range of other wines to suit you, all of which are gift wrapped as amazing as this bottle. A lovely gift for that person in your life who appreciates a good wine & pretty packaging. 

Kikki-K : 2017 Cute Large Weekly Diary $39.90

I’m a sucker for stationary and Kikki-K is definitely a favourite store of mine. After missing out on these cute diaries last year I decided to quickly pick one up. I especially love the Popsicle colour palette they have going on at the moment and at only $3… it’s a great gift to give, to that organised, stationery lover friend. 

Peter Alexander Pyjama Shorts $30

I snapped these cute shorts up on sale for $30 down from $50. I loved the bright paisley look as it reminded me of something from Tigerlily without the huge price tag. As soon as I saw these I had to get them for a special friend of mine, and then some for myself as well. I particularly enjoy things with little details, such as the frilled edge and tasseled draw-string. A cute gift that any girl would appreciate. 

L’Occitane Festive Bauble: Cherry Blossom $25 

I pick these mini gifts up each year for someone as they make for a really beautiful and useful present. I received this from a friend and was surprised to see it in my favourite Cherry Blossom scent from the brand this year. These are also available in the Shea Butter scent, for someone who likes a more neutral body product. Perfect for mothers, friends or colleagues. 

Mecca Cosmetica: Diptyque Baies Candle $81 

I’ve been lusting over this candle for years now and decided to finally bite the bullet. With its notes of rose and blackcurrant it brings a slightly tangy sweet, yet fresh scent to the room. Diptyque candles have 62hours burning time, and the scent tends to linger relatively well. You can also pick up the room spray as an alternative. Candle lovers beware, you will become addicted to this luxury brand. 

Mecca Cosmetica: By Terry Ombré Blackstar Creamshadow Stick $62 

After watching Amelia Liana swoon over these magical cream shadow sticks the last couple years I decided I would try these out. When I swatched these stunning shadows I couldn’t believe the staying power of them which sold me straight away. Not to mention the amazing sparkle and tones. I picked up Bronze Moon which is a mid tone bronze taupe colour and Misty Rock which is a dusky taupe pink. These are a must have for any make up lovers out there, you won’t regret it.