Environ Pre-cleanse Oil

This oil is an absolute lifesaver. First of all I enjoy the design of the bottle as it doesn’t leak when travelling, something I found other brands were lacking. 

Pre-cleanse Oil is a facial oil which you use before properly cleansing your skin. If you’re a makeup wearer, this is the product for you. It is gentle enough to use on the eyes, without irritating, but also powerful enough to move all traces of makeup and mascara. 

To use, pour a small amount of oil into your palms – make sure your hands/face are dry, with no water added yet. Massage the oil into your face and you will start to see it breaking down your makeup. Once you’ve thoroughly massaged the oil in, wet your hands with water and massage your face again. You will now see that the Pre-cleanse has changed into a milk, as it continues to break down makeup. This is to ensure when you rinse your face, you’re not left with an oily residue and that your makeup actually comes off. 

When you’ve finished massaging, you can now rinse your face and you’ll be left with a soft clean complexion. 

Priori Gentle Facial Cleanser 

I absolutely love this cleanser. It has lactic acids which helps to break down dead skin cells, without being harsh and irritating. 

To use, ensure your hands and face are dry, as once water is added the lactic acid stops working. I take 1-2 pumps and massage into my face for about 1 minute, then rinse with warm water. This cleanser leaves your face very soft and nourished. 

Environ Alpha Toner Forte

I use this toner each morning after cleansing. It’s perfect for prepping skin before moisturising and tightening those pores. The Alpha TonerForte works by gently exfoliating and smoothing the skin. It contains alpha hydroxy acids which eat away at dead skin cells, to reveal a smoother more even skin tone. It is basically a non abrasive exfoliator. I personally find this works well and my cell turnover tends to be quite slow, so I’m left with a lot of dead skin cells on my face, which oil then gets trapped under and forms congested skin. This toner helps to make things a little easier in that sense. 

Environ AVST 3 Moisturiser

The AVST moisturiser range is a Vitamin A based regime. It is recommended that clients begin on AVST 1 and work their way up the system, slowly building up the amount of Vitamin A on the skin. This moisturiser is fantastic for people with acne prone skin (like me). Ensure you stick to the recommendations of using 2 bottles of each moisturiser, before moving up to the next step. When you get up to AVST 3 like me, it is even recommended that you use 3 bottles before moving onto AVST 4, as it contains a much higher dose of vitamin A, C and peptides. 

AVST works by nourishing and smoothing the skin. Vitamin A has been proven to help those who suffer from acne. 

Priori Perfection Facial Gel

I use this gel each night after cleansing. It contains lactic acid and very small amount of salicylic acid as well. The Priori Perfection Facial Gel works by unclogging pores, minimising break outs and exfoliating the skin. It also helps with boosting collagen production and keeping the skin nourished. 

I apply about 1 pump all over the face and neck after cleansing each night. I then apply the Environ AVST 3 & Priori Barrier Repair Complex over the top. 

Environ C-Quence Eye Gel 

I tend to have an issue where I have loss of fat under my eyes. Due to this, I have an indentation mark under my eyes which also causes them to appear dark. Whilst some people like to combat puffy eyes, I like to bid the puffiness welcome, to plump up that area more.

 I find this eye gel worked quite well at blurring the indentation line and also softening the fine lines that are beginning to form. You only need to use the tiniest amount as a little goes a very very long way! 

Priori Barrier Repair Complex

I love this moisturiser and use it each night layered over my Priori Perfection Facial Gel and Environ AVST 3 moisturiser. It adds in that extra kick of hydration and is water based, so your skin will love you for it. Although this moisturiser is extremely nourishing, it is also very lightweight, so you don’t receive  that heavy or sticky feeling when using it. 

NOTE: It is recommended that you wear a sunscreen paired with this products as you’ll be more susceptible to sun damage & sensitivity, whilst out and about. 

If you have similar skin issues to me, go see your local Environ or Priori stockist and try these products out. I’ve definitely noticed a change.

Simone xx


 Rimmel Stay Matte Powder – Translucent

I purchased this powder, as most people have likened it to the MAC Mineralised Skin Finish. Being a longtime user of the MAC powder, I thought I would give it a go. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t quite measure up. Sure it’s good value for money and it mattifies slightly but I found it a tad on the chalky side. Personally, I found that throughout the day, the powder was no longer matte at all and I ended up looking a bit patchy. Don’t get me wrong, the product is a completely suitable powder, especially considering the price point; I just feel there are better ones out there, that give me the soft blurred look I’m going for. If you aren’t too concerned with wearing much powder and just want something easy and on the go, without breaking the bank; then this may be the perfect powder for you. 

MAC Eyebrow Pencil – Lingering

I absolutely LOVE this eyebrow pencil. The shade lingering is very universal and suits most people, as it is an ash tone. The pencil winds up, so no need to sharpen and the nib is very precise, which helps to create that defined look. I’ve been using this for around 8 years now and always go back to it. 

MAC Eyebrow Mascara – Beguile 

I really enjoy using this brow mascara as it softly adds a bit of extra pigment, whilst combing your eyebrow hairs into place. The formula sets your eyebrow hairs softly, so you can maintain that natural look. I’ve tried the Mac Prolongwear brow mascara which didn’t give off as much pigment and seemed to set the brow hairs quite crispy. In comparison, I personally prefer this one a bit more. I use this on a daily basis with the MAC Eyebrow Pencil in Lingering. However, on days when I’m in a rush, I can also get away with just combing the brow mascara through quickly and heading out the door. 

Becca Jaclyn Hill Highlight – Champagne Pop 

This highlighter is definitely not for the faint hearted. I find it quite intense, so a little goes a long way. The highlighter gives off a beautiful champagne colour and it’s also great as a all over eyeshadow shimmer. I do find the formula smooth while the glitter/shimmer a bit chunkier than other highlighters I’ve tried, but I don’t mind at all. I can see this lasting a very long time so if you’re into your highlighters, it’s one to consider adding to your collection. 

Stila Stay All Day Liner 

I was so happy when I finally tried out this liquid liner pen from Stila. I had searched far and low for the perfect liner that didn’t smudge or irritate my eyes, and I finally found it. With its felt tip style, it’s really easy to apply and get a precise line or wing. I’ve tried gel liners and other felt tip liners but always found they transferred throughout the day onto my lid. (I guess it doesn’t help that I have hooded lids and they get oily throughout the day)  I’m glad I finally found something that works for me. While I don’t use this every single day, I use it when I’ve put together a slightly heavier eyeshadow look and I want to make it look more cohesive. 

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer 

I’m new to this famous bronzer that smells like chocolate, but I’m pleasantly enjoying it. It’s a nice neutral toned bronzer so you can create that contoured look or just bronze up your complexion, to add a bit of colour. Prior to using this bronzer I had used Benefit Hula which I loved and in my MAC palette I had the shade Sculpt which is a fabulous contour. I’m not too picky with bronzers, as long as they’re not orange or red based. 

MAC Blush Palette 

I absolutely love this blush palette I created. I have included bronze tones, peachy/coral tones, and some more plum tones in there, for creating any look. My most used blush seems to be Margin. It’s a beautiful peachy pink with a glowy highlight through it. I use this on a daily basis to give my cheeks a pop of colour. I also love how it is so easy to blend. I’ve been using this daily for about a year and it barely looks like it’s been touched (middle bottom row). 

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation – Fiji

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation. It’s my ultimate go to. It has such a beautiful glowy finish but don’t be fooled by the name, it is in no way sheer. I find this foundation to have a medium yet buildable coverage. It is definitely something I’ll always repurchase. I especially like the colour range that Nars provides, as it has something for everyone. 

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – Vanilla

Like the foundation, this is a fabulous concealer. I use the shade Vanilla under the eyes and it just brightens up the face. It’s also great because it doesn’t tend to crease under the eyes and has a full coverage. Even better there is an affordable dupe for this concealer which is the Maybelline Fit Me or even the Collection brand concealers, however keep in mind, you will be more limited in shades with these brands. 

MAC Lipstick 

I really love MAC lipsticks and own a fair few. Although, my go to tends to be something nude with a bit of pink. At the moment that is Creme D’Nude layered with either Angel, Peach Stock or Syrup. I find it just softens each of these colours in the winter months without being too harsh on my pale complexion. There are a few different types of finishes that MAC does with their lipsticks, my favourite are the Cream Sheen or Amplified. 

Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette 

While I own both the Naked 1 & 2 palettes, the Naked 1 has been my go to for the past year. I’m not the tannest person so these warm tones really seem to give me a bit more colour and bring out my green/grey eyes. I tend to use Naked and Buck on an everyday basis, for a nice natural look. For a night out or special occasion, I’ll add a smokier brown to the outer corners and through my crease. 

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Waterproof

I purchased this whilst in New York in April. There was so much hype surrounding this product and most YouTubers seemed to deem it their favourite mascara. Sadly, I have no idea what they were talking about because I actually cannot stand this mascara. I gave it a good 3months. This is the waterproof version, which I purchased after using a small size of the original. The woman at Sephora recommended it after I complained that the original transferred on my eyelids and under the eye, multiple times throughout the day. Regrettably, the waterproof version was just as bad, if not worse. I also struggled to remove this mascara each night, even though I used my trusty Environ Precleanse Oil. I definitely won’t be repurchasing, and I’ve since replaced it with something else that has no transfer at all – Yay! 

I hope this mini review helps you to clarify your thoughts about few makeup products. 

Comment below with your favourite go to products at the moment. 



So I let life get away with me again and have been a little MIA from the blog these past few weeks. Back into routine again and I’ll be posting every Saturday from now on.

So what’s been happening? Well, my normal day to day job has taken it’s toll, it is nearing the end of the year so I have A LOT of work to ensure is up to date (eeek).

Not only that, I moved house a week ago! Something we weren’t sure was going to happen in time, before we had to move out of our old place. I had immense stress around this time, so many things were up in the air, and the frustration was just raining down on me. Sometimes things don’t quite go as smoothly as planned, but thankfully we were told with 24hrs notice we could finally go ahead and begin the move.

It’s interesting how something so minor, can have such a huge impact on stress and mental wellbeing. Prior to the move we were in a rental place, until the new house had been built. The rental was dark, damp, dingy and it always seemed like it was wet and cold outside. The lighting was awful, I used to have to prop my mirror up in front of the window, to try and see clearly each morning when putting on my makeup. During this time, I started to feel down and demotivated, itching to get away.

Now that we have moved and are all settled in, this HUGE weight has been lifted. I feel so positive, motivated, excited and no longer stuck! FINALLY!!! Not to mention this house is new, light, open and airy. The area is absolutely beautiful and I feel so at peace being here. This has been an utter relief. Isn’t it funny how something as simple as your home, can make you feel so different.

Half the reason I was feeling “down” was because a lot of things had been set, although they weren’t yet in motion, so playing the waiting game had become quite tedious. Because things have finally started to progress and change, that feeling of freedom and possibility has emerged. Summer coming probably had a little something to do with it too, I will admit the slightly warmer weather is a happy reminder.

I can’t quite yet divulge specific things, but a lot of changes are coming my way (in my personal life) and it is so exciting! I can’t wait for the time to come, where I can share a little more about what will be happening.

Things that kept me going throughout this time were chatting to my amazing Life Coach, Kate Caddle – www.katecaddle.com who helped me set numerous goals to achieve, and reading the book “Mastering Your Mean Girl” by Melissa Ambrosini (I definitely recommend too).

Anyway, I’m off to carry on being proactive and get some daily tasks done. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week. Feel free to comment with things that help you to de-stress and feel motivated again.


Simone xx