The low down on my skin.

My skin has been an issue of mine, since about 10yrs of age. This is when puberty first began and when my skin decided to get acne and become congested. Fast forward to 17 yrs later …. It is still causing me issues. I’ve been on countless medication for my skin, with roaccutane being the only thing that ever helped. However, being on roaccutane for a lifetime isn’t an option and it’s only masking the issue right? So I decided it was time I cut all medication and try sort it using skin care.

I went to About Face in Mairangi Bay and began my regime of Environ products, that I had been recommended by a separate beauty therapist, and they were fantastic. These products definitely calmed everything right down and minimised the breakouts a lot more than anything else ever had. Although, after about a year I noticed some changes again and thought it was time I booked a consultation appointment.

My beauty therapist was so knowledgable and helpful, she spoke to me about the possible root causes of my skin issues, from diet to hormones. We decided it was best if I go through a skin changing course which is a combination of Skin Peels and Omnilux Light Treatments. After my last treatment I was really noticing such a difference and my makeup was also sitting a lot smoother.

With the treatments, I was also recommended a range of skin care that would provide my skin with that extra boost it needed. I switched out my Environ only range with a combination Priori as well, and wow am I glad. I have noticed even more of a change since using these products & hope to continue to see a change.

Stay tuned for my next post – skincare routine and mini review.