Kerastase Therapiste


Finally I have found my go to products for my hair! Kerastase’s Therapiste range for damaged hair.

This has been a long, long process. My hair journey too, has been a long one, perhaps I’ll dedicate that to a post for another day, but of late all I’ve been finding are shampoos, that make my hair oily or greasy looking, within 1 day.

I have been using salon brands for years, being an ex-hairdresser I ensure I only use the best. However, what I was selecting just didn’t seem to gel all that well – not to mention the fact that I kept being recommended products which were moisture based (don’t you hate it when people don’t listen to what you are needing?).

So, one day after constant complaining, my Mum suggested that I try her new shampoo and conditioner, as she was loving it. Side note: My Mum has very short, baby fine hair which is not chemically damaged. Me on the other hand – long, medium thickness, lots of it, with a lot of blonde highlights.

I decided it was time I tried the shampoo and conditioner out, and all I can say is WOW. I absolutely LOVED the scent first of all, I get whiffs of it during the day, which I love. Second of all, my hair wasn’t greasy the next day (finally), despite the gel like texture of the shampoo. Now, because my Mum’s hair is very fine, her process was to condition her hair FIRST, then to shampoo after. This gives fine hair more volume and texture, so it is not weighed down.

When it was time to purchase some of my own, the woman at Shampoo and Things recommended I use the masque instead, as my hair is a lot thicker and needs an extra bit of nourishment. Because I’m not needing the texture or volume, I instead shampoo first, and condition, with my masque afterwards. The ever so helpful sales assistant, even threw in a free travel size Kerastase Elixr Ultime, which I too have come to love, in the last few weeks.

The Elixr Ultime is described as a volume beautifying mist oil. Personally, I wouldn’t spray it near my roots, to try and gain volume in that area. Although, when dispersed throughout the hair, it gives a beautiful shine, with extra volume, and nourishment to the hair.

Another thing I noticed after using these products, was the fact that my hair wasn’t ridiculously frizzy, and fly away, after drying it off. It stayed smooth and felt very thick. Prior to this, there was no way I could simply dry my hair off, and not style it before going out, where as now I think I could get away with it.

How to use

To use, I first shampoo twice with the Kerastase Bain Therapiste, then squeeze out excess water. Afterwards, I take a small amount of the Kerastase Masque Therapiste, and massage through my mid-lengths and ends, leaving it in for 2-5minutes. This way, I can ensure I only nourish the older more damaged hair, as my natural oils from my scalp, can nourish the top half, through daily brushing etc. Next, I towel dry my hair thoroughly and spritz Kerastase Elixr Ultime throughout the mid-lengths and ends. I comb through my hair with my tangle teezer, to ensure it is evenly spread, before adding a small amount of Kerastase Nectar Thermique leave in conditioner to my hair. Finally it is time to blow dry.


Kerastase Therapiste is part of the resistance range, which means it is protein based. This is going to strengthen and reconstruct weak, damaged hair. If you have very highlighted hair or blonded hair, this is for you. Again, if you have very lack lustre, flat hair that is need of some volume, this will also work for you (remember to condition before shampooing though).

There are a total of 4 products in the range, that can be purchased from Kerastase salon stockists or Shampoo and Things.

Shampoo: Bain Therapiste $42NZ

Conditioner: Soin Premier Therapiste $50NZ

Masque: Masque Therapiste $67NZ

Serum: Serum Therapiste $46NZ


Valentina Pink



Valentina Pink by Valentino.

Think juicy, fun, sexy and flirty. Valentina Pink is definitely one of the boldest fragrances I own (for now at least), with it’s notes of strawberry, blackberry and rose; it is certainly sweet and delicious. Usually I love my floral fragrances, but this fruity/floral Valentino scent was one of the exceptions, as it had me coming back for more.

It is a fragrance that leaves you feeling bold and sexy, whilst still feminine and pretty. I find I reach for it on days where I want to feel positive, motivated and beautiful. Not to mention, that it really lingers, so when you get a slight whiff during the day, its a pleasant reminder.

Valentina Pink is limited edition, so finding it at your local pharmacy or department store may prove to be difficult. I picked up mine duty free for around $150NZ, and it is also available on If you enjoy fragrances such as YSL Black Opium, Jo Malone Blackberry and Bay or Giorgio Armani Si, you will certainly love this one.